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Clinical Services

At Fort Greene Therapy, you can be assured that you have a safe, comforting, and professional place to discuss intimate details of your life with a trained therapist. I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to therapy, rather I see it as collaborative; you and I will work together to help you achieve more peace and happiness in your life.


Many people feel stressed and inundated with the many demands of life, relationships, family or work. But, sometimes the feelings become overwhelming and you can feel lost and helpless. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or any type of affect dysregulation, feel free to call or email to set up an initial intake appointment.


 Therapy can help couples work through their various conflicts such as infidelity, child rearing, ethncity/culture, equity and power and sexual intimacy issues. I provide the space to safely and comfortably discuss your relationship.

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Sex Therapy

I work with couples and individuals who are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), low arousal/desire, and/or pain during sex. Contact me to start on the path to sexual fulfillment. 

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